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How it All Started

Like so many members of Gen X, I started “hanging out” on TikTok when the pandemic hit in 2020. Schools had shut down so I was home all the time and all my kids were grown and gone so why not?

On June 11th I made a TikTok video expressing frustration that a Republican campaign rally had been scheduled for June 19th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not only was the pandemic still raging – and the numbers in Tulsa were NOT good – June 19th is also known as Juneteenth and is known as Black Independence Day. The stadium the rally would be held in was just a 15 minute walk from the site of the Black Wall Street Massacre. The date and location seemed like really poor choices in a summer when Black Lives Matter protests were happening literally around the world.

In my video I suggested that those who wanted to protest could reserve tickets for this rally on the website (they were free) and then not show up. I even wondered what it would be like if we left him there alone. That video went up a little before midnight on June 11th and I had 1,002 followers on the platform at that time.

By 7 a.m. on June 12th, my phone had gotten so many TikTok notifications that it had vibrated it’s way off the shelf it sits on next to my bed and was on the floor. I had gained more than 2,000 new followers and that video was blowing up. When I had reserved my tickets the night before (the 11th), there had been about 13,000 reserved. By the end of June 12th, there were 300,000 tickets reserved. The video had been shared over on Twitter and Instagram as well.

A website called the Daily Dot found my video and contacted me for an interview. CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan saw that story and also contacted me for an interview. He told me that he would be reaching out the Brad Parscale – then Donald Trump’s campaign manager – for a statement. When his article came out, Trump’s people were excited about a million ticket reservations and they were SURE that the TikTok and Twitter users had nothing to do with the large numbers.

The date of the rally would be changed to the 20th of June and when that day dawned, I thought, “welp, my 15 minutes of fame are over.” I know how political rallies work – they will keep filling seats as long as there are bodies to fill them. The stadium could hold 19,000 and they were setting up an overflow section outside for those who couldn’t get in.

On the day of the rally, I had a grandchild’s birthday to celebrate so I sat my phone down and promptly forgot all about my viral video and the rally.

Until I picked up my phone after the party. Once again, social media notifications were blowing up and a few people had reached out to get a statement or an interview. That next week I worked a fulltime job just managing all the interview requests, hate mail, etc. Death threats, doxxing, . . . it went on for most of the summer.

That particular video has been seen over 2 million times and I have had chances to meet and interact with some AMAZING humans. And all because one video accidentally went viral.