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BOOK REVIEWS! I love reading them and I LOVE writing them. This is where you will discover what I am currently reading as well as finding any reviews I’ve written for books I have completed. While you wait for that first review to show up, you can click on the links below to check out some of my favorite authors!

Book Review – Dash (Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club Book 3) by Victoria Jayne

Click HERE to read my review of this title!

Book Review – Tangled in Tinsel by Elyse Kelly

If you are looking for a quick read with lots of “steam” this book is for you! One of my absolute favorite things about the story is the fact that Mason constantly “checks in” with Quinn to make sure she is still enjoying their encounter. With a story that includes consensual kink, it was refreshing to see that Mason wanted to make sure that Quinn was enjoying the entire experience. He didn’t assume that her first “yes” was the only thing he needed to give both of them the best experience possible.

It’s a story of two old friends reconnecting with one another that will add just the right amount of steam to your holiday reading!

Book Review – Treacherous Truths by Kay Riley


Riley is an expert at using a carefully crafted plot twist and she doesn’t hesitate to put that skill to amazing use in this sequel to Fateful Secrets. And just like book 1, this title ends in a MASSIVE cliffhanger. Let me be blunt – the final sentence made me so angry I nearly pitched my e-reader across the room!

Vanessa is still trying to figure out exactly who her parents were. So much of what she believed growing up was a lie and her parents were involved in a dark, sinister world that they hid from Vee for as long as they could. Her first love, Ky, wants to keep her safe from those that would harm her but to do so he must keep secrets from her for just a little while longer.

Can she learn to trust Ky again? Can he find a way to help her learn the truth without actually telling her directly and putting the lives of people he cares about at risk? And then there is the MAJOR twist at the end of the book that makes a happily ever after seem COMPLETELY focused.

If you enjoy dark mafia stories with a friends to lovers to enemies back to lovers trope, this series is for you.

Book Review – The Witches’ Blade by A.K. Mulford

Mulford has worked hard to include a diverse cast of characters in her books and in book 2 of this series, she places a neurodivergent individual front and center as the main female character.

Rua has spent most of her life living in hiding being raised by a coven of red witches who discouraged any display of emotion. On top of that, Rua believed that she was the only member of her family who had survived the fall of the High Mountain Court. A mystical sword has come into Rua’s possession and its power is a bit frightening even to Rua who finds the sword connected to her magic.

Renwick has been raised by an evil man intent on wiping all witches from the planet OR controlling their power for his own selfish gain. He wants to undo his father’s legacy if only he can get Rua – and others – to believe that he is nothing like his father. With his dark past and her mystical sword, both of them must contend with the fact that they have blood on their hands. Can they overcome their dark, painful pasts and find a future together? What secrets does Renwick know and why won’t he share them with Rua?

The world-building in this series is EXQUISITE and the character development is so well done that some of the early readers are fighting to claim Renwick as their newest book boyfriend. 🙂 (I personally was more drawn to Rua.) While the romantic storyline between Rua and Renwick will stand on its own, it would be helpful to have read The High Mountain Court first since the conflict runs through both books.

Book Review – Wicked Cowboy Wolf by Kait Ballenger

This is the third book in the Seven Range Shifter series and Ballenger continues to bring fantastic characters and perfectly crafted plots.

He’s known only as the Rogue; a lone wolf shifter who isn’t connected to any pack and who has made it his mission to protect others like him. The truth, however, is that he was once a part of the Grey Wolf pack, the strongest of the Seven Range packs. Maeve Grey has spent her life knowing exactly what was expected of her as a member of the Grey Wolf pack and the sister to the pack leader, Maverick. She’s expected to marry an alpha wolf from another pack and help create an alliance that will benefit the Grey Wolf pack. When Rogue rescues Mae from the enemies of all wolves – whether they are a part of a pack or a lone rogue – it becomes clear that the two of them are going to have to work together to protect all of those she loves.

But what happens when Maeve finally recognizes the rogue as a former packmate of hers and her best friend in childhood? How with they handle dealing with the painful memories of the past? And will their blossoming relationship have a chance once Mae realizes what Rogue’s end game is?

Book Review – Wanting My Best Friend by Elyse Kelly

If you enjoy the “friends to lovers” trope, this novella is for you. The story starts right after Max and Noelle have graduated from college. They’ve been best friends since they were children. Over the course of their high school and college years, they have fallen in love but neither has had the courage to tell the other. They value the friendship and don’t want to lose the relationship they have if the other person doesn’t feel the same way.

As both prepare to return to their hometown, they confide in family and friends that “tonight is the night.” They are both determined to profess their love and see what happens. Much to the surprise of both of them, no one is surprised by the declaration. Friends and family are excited to see the relationship move into a new phase and Max and Noelle deliver all of the sweetness and sentiment the reader could want.

Book Review – The Bratva’s Heir by Jane Henry and Sophie Lark

He’s a Bratva enforcer doing time for a crime he knows he didn’t commit. Make no mistake – Constatine has killed when his job required it and he will probably have to do so again. But he knows he didn’t kill his fiance. No, they weren’t madly in love with each other. Yes, it was an arranged marriage meant to help seal an alliance between two powerful crime families. But there was a very powerful reason for Constantine to want to keep her safe.

Claire is determined to make a name for herself that doesn’t depend on her family connections. When she meets Constantine during her first visit to the prison, she isn’t prepared to deal with his confidence or his innate inability to command her attention in whatever way he sees fit. Neither of them knows that their lives are connected in a very unfortunate way and that the growing attraction between them may be destroyed when the truth comes out.

The chemistry between these two is undeniable, the pace of the story is captivating, and the end is everything I could have wanted and more.

Book Review – Khan part 1 by N. Tetterton

This is book 1 in the Midnight Syn MC series. True confession time – I have a weakness for Motorcycle Club romances! I guess I never COMPLETELY got over my “bad boy with a heart of gold” phase. In case you aren’t familiar with the MC trope, let me give you one very important piece of information – there are those MC books in which the club is trying to “go legit” (trying to distance themselves from illegal activities) and those in which the club is a part of the 1% (clubs that are shady and make no effort to change things). This one leans more toward the 1% side of things but only “so far.” (Example – when given a chance to run a brother, Khan rejects the idea.)

Khan has a reputation both with other clubs for his temper and with the ladies for his . . . prowess. When the club president, Oz, takes a deal that will leave him locked up for a significant length of time, Khan suddenly finds himself voted in as President by the rest of the club AND acting as guardian for Oz’s daughter, Emma.

Billie loves her job as principal at an exclusive high school and her husband’s extended absences while deployed allow her to kid herself about the state of their relationship. Her best friend Lucy is persistent in trying to get Billie to see that Brad, the frequently absent husband, has mentally an emotionally beaten her down into a completely different person than the carefree woman Billie used to be.

When Billie and Khan meet it’s all about Ella, Khan’s “ward”, and the possibility of her attending the elite school where Billie works. But even though the first meeting isn’t about them at all, neither one of them can deny that there is chemistry. Billie just chalks it up to the fact that her husband has been gone for six months and she’s lonely. Khan doesn’t understand his response to Billie at all since he tends to be the “love ’em and leave ’em” type. And thus the slow burn begins.

Khan learns secrets about Brad that leave him extremely concerned about Billie’s safety. TRIGGER WARNING – Brad’s extreme reaction to seeing Khan in Billie’s office is the final straw that drives Billie to leave her husband and file for divorce. But Brad is not satisfied with the marriage ending in that way. He has different plans.

Khan and Billie agree that there is definitely something between them but they decide that they will not sleep together until her divorce is final. The temptation is very real for both of them but Khan manages to shut things down before something happens that either one of them might regret. But when Billie is finally free, will she need the time to get reacquainted with herself? Or will Khan merely assume she needs that time and drive her away before their love has a chance to grow?

A slow-burn, cliffhanger, the story continues in the next book of the series which is simply titled Khan Part 2 and I can’t WAIT to get my hands on it!