Devotional Inspiration

If you are a fan of phone apps, you may have heard of one called “YouVersion”.  It’s a popular Bible app that allows you to carry multiple translations of the Bible on your phone, create bookmarks for passages you want to revisit, and even provides devotional reading material with the ability to have your phone remind you each day!

I’ve recently been going through a devotional entitled “All In Devotional” based on Matthew West’s “All In” album.  This quote from one of the daily readings hit me right between the eyes and I just had to share it here –

Hope is not something that just shows up. It’s not something we can take a dose of when needed. In Christ, suffering produces the character we need to have real hope. Hope that rises above our circumstances and relies solely on the love God has given us.

We don’t hope because our circumstances change or because we’re able to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and fake a smile. We hope because God loves us. And nothing, no amount of despair or tragedy will ever change that.

Hope is not dependent on my circumstances and I’m so very grateful for that!

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