Words and Music – “It’s Not a Song”

It’s not a song till it touches your heart.
It’s not a song till it tears you apart.
After what’s left of what’s right and what’s wrong,
Till it gets through to you,
It’s not a song.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard song lyrics and thought “Yes!  That’s it!  I’ve never known how to say but that it’s right there.”

In my teen years, I was a huge Amy Grant fan.  To be honest, I was one of MANY teen girls who loved her music.  I still “go back” and listen to those songs.  Especially to this one.  Theses lyrics jumped out at me the first time I heard the song.  It’s exactly how I’ve always felt about music.  And I listened to this song so often that I wore out the first cassette tape I owned and had to replace it.  After all these years, these lyrics still hit me right in the heart and this is a song I still go back to again and again because I find myself in these lyrics every time.

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