Book Review – Gingersnap (Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club Book 4) by Victoria Jayne

This book picks up right where Dash (Book 3) left off. Dash and Gingersnap are the perfect play partners for one another in the kink lifestyle. But can she handle having a man in her life who is a part of a motorcycle club that is involved in criminal activity? Is Dash willing to trust Gingersnap to make her own decisions or will he try and make life choices for her?

My absolute favorite thing about the story of Dash and Gingersnap is the fact that Victoria Jayne is careful to include the necessary discussions about hard limits, safe words, consent, and the like. While it’s not the most exciting part of the plot, it’s probably the most important for her readers in case there are those unfamiliar with the kink lifestyle.

I’m fully invested in the lives of the men in the Odin’s Fury Motorcycle Club series and can’t wait to see what’s next!

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