Book Review – Reclaimed Dreams by Eva Moore

This is the type of romance I’ve been WAITING for!

I love a good steamy romance and I can get behind most of the popular tropes – MC romances, mafia romances, paranormal, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers – but I’m also a 53-year-old woman who has been married for 33 years and I rarely ever see people like me in romance books! Despite what cynics might think, romance doesn’t HAVE to die when people have been together for years. Neither does the sexy fun!

Jo and Dom have been married for many years and they have stuck together through miscarriage, lean financial times, running their own business, four kiddos, and the death of the eldest during his time in the military. That last event nearly broke them. The ways each of them chose to cope were not necessarily healthy and definitely did not strengthen their relationship. Jo even considers leaving. But in the end, she still loves Dom and wants to grow old with him. But they’ve both been hurt by each other so how do they fix their relationship?

This is a story about the ways that a marriage can grow and change, shift and strain, but still be filled with love and passion IF the partners are willing to keep trying, to keep improving their communication skills, and keep choosing each other. The format was unique – Eva Moore has her readers bouncing around at different points in the couple’s life so one segment of the story may have taken place just a year ago while the next segment may have happened over three decades ago. And just in case you get a bit confused by the “non-linear” approach, there is a timeline in the back of the book that puts everything in chronological order.

What a refreshing change to see myself in the female main character of a book. And not as I once was or in an “I could see myself saying that” kind of way. Jo and Dom have been married 42 years by the time the book ends. They’ve raised kiddos, watched their adult children find partners, welcomed some grandbabies, and found their way back to each other. As a 53-year-old adult with 3 decades of marriage, 4 adult kiddos, and some grandkids, it’s nice to see relationships more like mine portrayed as passionate, loving, and even a little spicy! When Eva Moore promises a second-chance romance, she delivers BIG TIME.

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