Book Review – Seeker of Secrets by Ashley McLeo

Once again, Ashley McLeo delivers a strong female main character. Meredith is tenacious, a bit too stubborn for her own good, and trying to embrace the fact that she is magical. There is a whole secret society of people waiting to welcome her like family and help her hone her gift. And her gift is important because it is so rare.

There is a VERY slow burn romance (possible fated mates trope?) between Meredith and the vampire Tobias. The leader of the secret society, Luca, is battling a mystery illness that is much worse than any of them realize. And what huge secret is Hans hiding? Whatever it is, their search for elixir ingredients to help cure Luca will force Hans to reveal pieces of himself that he would rather keep hidden.

I’ve been an advanced reader for several of McLeo’s books and series and one of the things I most appreciate about her work is how fresh it always stays. Yes, the stories are always fantasy or supernatural in nature. But I never feel like I’m getting a recycled plot. McLeo digs deep to bring original stories, new complications, and a slightly different approach to magic in each of her series and I am so excited to see how this one plays out!

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